IsoPlexis Announces Research Collaboration with Nektar Therapeutics

IsoCode, IsoPlexis’ single-cell precision platform, captured novel data from CAR-T products developed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Novartis), leading to IsoPlexis’ development of new bioinformatics tools for visualizing high-dimensional, single-cell proteomics data. These new tools enable researchers to better compare key differences between products, and more easily analyze highly-multiplexed, single CAR-T cell functional profiles to gain insight into CAR-T product potency and cytokine mediated immuno-toxicity. Researchers used IsoCode to analyze genetically re-engineered CAR-T cells designed to target CD19, a promising treatment for B-cell malignancies, including most cases of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and some types of leukemia. The large quantity of precise, high-quality data required IsoPlexis to develop new bioinformatics tools, which researchers used to better visualize the polyfunctional profiles of each individual CAR-T product.

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