IsoPlexis Acquires Extensive DNA and RNA Sequencing Portfolio to Enable Integrated Single-Cell Sequencing and Proteomic Solutions

IsoPlexis is excited to announce the acquisition of an extensive portfolio of  86 patents related to DNA and RNA sequencing. These sequencing-related technologies will integrate with our single-cell proteomics platforms, enabling a series of next generation assays incorporating multiple -omes from each single cell.

This growing patent portfolio will enable researchers to access a new depth of resolution to connect the genome and proteome in cancer immunology, cell and gene therapies, neurological diseases, and more. The acquired assets will allow for integration of our proprietary proteomics technologies with novel proprietary sequencing-based technologies.

This exciting next phase of our roadmap will enable researchers to make far earlier connections in their genomic studies, directly to the proteome that determines in vivo dynamic biology of each organism.

Read the press release to learn more.

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