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Introducing IsoPlexis’ Newest Validated Protocol: Human PBMC with CytoStim Stimulation

Functional analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) can reveal valuable insights into immune responses and how cells react to various stimuli. IsoPlexis’ IsoCode Single-Cell Secretome platform gives scientists a powerful tool to evaluate immune cell function at the single-cell level; however, cells must first be stimulated to evoke physiological activity. Stimulation conditions often take advantage of immune cell biology, targeting cell receptors using different strategies. IsoPlexis has a variety of validated protocols that use a range of stimulants to give researchers flexibility in stimulation conditions to pick the one most compatible with their research goals. Now, we’ve validated another protocol to expand the utility of functional phenotyping applications.

Human PBMC CytoStim Stimulation Protocol Overview

CytoStimTM is an antibody-based stimulant that activates T cells through T cell receptors (TCR) to rapidly activate PBMCs and promote cytokine secretion. Used in a number of applications to explore immune cell function, CytoStim is a powerful tool to better understand TCR-mediated immune responses. Now, IsoPlexis has developed a validated protocol to allow researchers to use CytoStim as a cell stimulant for single-cell functional analysis. The protocol provides detailed steps for thawing and staining cells before stimulating with CytoStim, followed by enrichment and loading onto IsoCode chips for automated single-cell secretome analysis.  The full protocol can be viewed here.

As with all IsoPlexis proteomics protocols, the assay steps, imaging, data export, and data analysis are effortlessly automated, generating actionable results with minimal hands-on time – all with one instrument.

Numerous Ways to Generate Advanced Single-Cell Data

This newest protocol from IsoPlexis gives researchers another validated method of PBMC stimulation to generate single-cell secretome data. With an array of validated stimulation conditions, researchers can now choose the protocol that best fits their research questions. To see more validated protocols, check out our Protocols page, which showcases all of the stimulation conditions and cell types that have been validated for the IsoPlexis platform.



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