FOCiS 2018 Day 2: Cancer Vaccine Correlates Revealed through Single-Cell Function

On Day 2 of the FOCiS 2018 Annual Meeting, IsoPlexis presented “Single-cell Polyfunctionality of CD4+ T Cells Shows Promise as a Predictor of Overall Survival of Pancreatic Cancer Patients Treated with GVAX Vaccine”. The presented data demonstrates: (1) Single-cell multiplexed proteomic profiling provides a comprehensive assessment of T cell function and identifies PSI change between pre- and post-vaccination CD4+ T cells as a novel correlate to OS in pancreatic cancer patients with GVAX treatment; (2) Novel visualization methods reveal a diverse landscape of polyfunctional response by GVAX vaccination, providing a precise platform for capturing efficacy and durability data for therapy development; (3) These novel biomarker capture and analysis methods have the potential to guide more sensitive and potentially predicative quality assessments, which may enable vaccines with more efficacious and persistent profiles. FOCIS is a leading conference in translational immunology where clinicians and researchers deliver the latest breakthroughs across immune-mediated diseases.

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