Expert Panel Discussion: Advances in Cell and Immunotherapies in Treating Cancer

Functional Multi-Omics Accelerates Development of Safe and Effective Cell Therapies

Advances in multi-omics have helped transform the immunotherapy landscape over the past decades, but meeting the growing demand for cellular and immune therapy products while ensuring products’ safety and efficacy has remained a challenge. Functional single-cell and bulk proteomics allow researchers to characterize the function of immune cells and the quality of therapy products with deeper access to in vivo biology. In a roundtable discussion with Clinical OMICs, four cancer immunology experts discussed recent advances and in the use of cell & immunotherapies for cancer, including checkpoint inhibitor therapies and adoptive cell therapies. The panelists also discussed challenges in the cancer immunotherapy field, including confirming function of engineered therapies after editing and improving the safety, efficacy, and long-term durability of cell therapies. Finally, the panelists spoke on the benefits of single-cell technologies for understanding cellular heterogeneity, predicting clinical efficacy, and accelerating the development of novel cell therapies.

Dr. Cécile Chartier of Iovance Biotherapeutics, Dr. Vladimir Senyukov of Precision BioSciences, Dr. Mitchell Ho of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, and Dr. Patrick Ma of the Penn State Cancer Institute joined moderator Dr. Anjali A. Sarkar in a discussion of key issues and advancements in cancer immunotherapies.

Topics discussed in this roundtable include:

  • Recent advances and current strategies in developing vaccines and immunotherapies against cancer
  • Strategies that combine multiple therapeutic modalities in the development of effective and safe therapies.
  • Specific assays that identify different populations of immune cells, their functional status, and interaction in response to cancer
  • The systemic response of local stereotactic body radiation therapy or SBRT with checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy in cancer patients
  • How single cell-based technology can be useful in characterizing the tumor microenvironment in adoptive immunotherapy such as CAR-T cells

Read the full expert roundtable here.

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