eBook: Automate Your Entire Highly Multiplexed Proteomics Workflow in One System with CodePlex Secretome

IsoPlexis’ CodePlex Secretome Solution Runs on the IsoLight System for a Completely Automated Bulk Analysis Workflow

IsoPlexis is excited to launch our eBook for the newly released CodePlex Secretome solution!

This eBook discusses the many benefits to using CodePlex Secretome for highly multiplexed bulk ELISA compared to status quo systems and traditional multiplexed bulk ELISA platforms. Some of those benefits include:

 Status Quo Multiplexed Bulk Analysis
 CodePlex Secretome
Up to 100-200ul per sample
11 ul per sample (for replicates)
 6-10 hours hands-on sample prep time
 5 minutes of hands-on-time
 Workflow requires multiple steps and user interaction points
 Completely automated workflow
 Fill 96 samples before run
 Modular load, 8-64 samples per run
 Multiple systems required to generate and analyze data
 One system: The IsoLight
 Limit of detection: 5-5000pg/mL
 Limit of detection: 5-5000pg/mL
 Data anaysis and visualizations require much user input and are not automated
 State-of-the-art data analysis software with advanced visualizations

When running traditional multiplexed bulk ELISA platforms, multiple laboratory personnel and instrumentation are needed, leading to bottlenecks in the process, a long wait-time for data analysis, and increased costs. With CodePlex Secretome, you only need one system—the IsoLight—to run both your single-cell and highly multiplexed bulk ELISA assays, in a completely automated manner with only five minutes of hands-on time.

With CodePlex, you can add your sample and walk away, achieving fully analyzed data on the same day. No additional equipment is needed. A fully automated hands-off workflow means no washing and incubation stations, no centrifuge, no vortexer, no plate reader. You can unlock your data immediately, lowering costs per run and total instrumentation requirements and minimizing the risk of human error. All your proteomic needs are integrated into the completely automated, award-winning IsoLight system.

The IsoLight completely automates imaging, incubation, washing, and ELISA, for the first time and includes plug and play software to accelerate insight. The IsoSpeak software suite enables automated on-site analysis with push-button informatics for advanced, functional mapping for visualizing cellular communication.

Download the CodePlex eBook to see why it’s superior for your high multiplexing bulk ELISA workflow and how the IsoLight is a hub for comprehensive functional profiling of each cell type across a large assay menu of single cell and population chip and software products.


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