IsoPlexis’ Automated Proteomic Suite is Providing Predictive Functional Data for Infectious Disease Research

IsoPlexis Automated Proteomic Product Suite for Infectious Disease

There are several challenges within infectious disease research and the development of vaccines, protective immune monitoring, and measuring toxicity. These challenges involve vaccines developed to create protective T cell response, cellular immune monitoring for protective response early in patients, and cellular prediction and cytokine level monitoring for toxicities related to cytokine storms. The IsoLight system provides a solution for the single cell and accelerated population level functional proteomics required to overcome these challenges. IsoPlexis’ infectious disease Application Note discusses:

  • The lethal impact of cytokine storm among infectious diseases.
  • Targeting cytokines for the prediction of cytokine storm.
  • How single-cell proteomics provides predictive analysis of vaccines that create protective response.
  • Immune monitoring of vaccine response for early & predictive response.

Both the single-cell IsoCode solution and the highly multiplexed CodePlex Secretome solution work together to uncover functional extracellular phenotypic differences, revealing biological drivers of patient response, all with the automated IsoLight system.

By functionally defining each cell type involved in the immune response, researchers can better understand functional mechanisms for the development of patient biomarkers, vaccines, and novel therapies for infectious diseases.

From accelerating vaccine development, to immune monitoring of vaccine response for early and predictive response and predicting cytokine storm with cellular and serum cytokine monitoring, IsoPlexis’ Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength Human & Mouse, Single-Cell Innate & Myeloid, and CodePlex Secretome solutions have all been employed by researchers all over the world to address the challenges associated with infectious diseases.

Download the Infectious Diseases Application Note now to see how IsoPlexis’ product suite can help you accelerate your infectious disease programs and speak to a cellular proteomics expert today for automated highly multiplexed cytokine-level monitoring for toxicities related to cytokine storm and more.

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