Announcing the Winners of the Cracking the IsoCode: Single Cell Functional Biomarkers Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the Cracking the IsoCode: Single-Cell Functional Biomarkers Challenge!

We were excited to receive so many abstract submissions to our first ever “Cracking the IsoCode: Single-Cell Functional Biomarkers Challenge.” Thank you to all the researchers that sent in proposed IsoCode projects.

The winners are:

  • Elizabeth Robins, PhD of The Ohio State University
  • Eduardo Davila, PhD of University of Colorado, Denver

Honorable Mentions:

  • Justin Boucher, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Valentina Evdokimova, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
  • David Woods, NYU Langone Health

The two winners will receive 12 IsoCode chips for their next generation experiments.

Dr. Robins’ project will use the IsoPlexis platform to determine the effect of a checkpoint/combination immunotherapy on immune cell effector function in non-small cell lung cancer patients. Dr. Davila’s project will focus on characterization of a novel synthetic co-receptor that confers immune cells with enhanced activity against weakly immunogenic antigens and increased resistance to several types of co-inhibitory signals.

Both researchers will be utilizing the human single-cell polyfunctional strength panel and will receive advanced analysis support and experimental design consultation from IsoPlexis. The insights generated from these experiments will help to further illuminate the predictive power of polyfunctionality and the power of the IsoPlexis platform in accelerating the development of novel immunotherapies.

To learn more about how IsoPlexis’ systems are advancing precision medicine, you can find a list of publications here.

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