Announcing the Winners of IsoPlexis’ Functional Proteomics EU Grant Challenge

This year, we invited researchers working in the fields of Cancer Immunology, Regenerative Medicine, Vaccines, Infectious Disease, or Neurology and Inflammation in Europe to submit research abstracts for the chance to generate meaningful data at the single-cell level with IsoPlexis’ IsoSpark. We were excited to receive so many innovative abstract submissions for this grant challenge!

The three winners  will receive an IsoSpark, which will be installed in their lab for three months, along with two IsoCode and CodePlex kits, full analytics support, and experimental design consultation. Thank you to all the researchers that submitted proposals!

The winners are:

Carlos Silvestre Roig, PhD, Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster

Carolos Silvestre Roig’s research group at the Institute of Experimental Pathology will use the IsoPlexis platform to study post-acute COVID-19 dysregulation of immune responses. His group aims to identify long-lasting exaggerated myeloid cell inflammatory responses in resting and upon inflammatory challenges that might contribute to ‘long COVID’ disease.


Anke Fuchs, PhD, Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden

Anke Fuchs’s Advanced Cellular Therapeutics lab will use IsoPlexis’ platform to perform in-depth characterization of virus-specific T cells isolated using Miltenyi Biotech’s CliniMACS Prodigy, with the aim of correlation cell product characteristics with in vivo expansion and clinical outcome.

Lynne Cox, PhD, University of Oxford

Lynne Cox’s Lab of Ageing and Cell Senescence will use IsoPlexis’ technology to analyse changes in inflammation and biochemical signaling pathways in human cells following exposure to diabetic-like sugar conditions, with the aim of highlighting potential new drug targets in diabetes.

We congratulate these researchers and look forward to seeing how the next-generation insights generated from these experiments help to create durable, curative impacts on disease.

To learn more about how IsoPlexis’ systems are advancing precision medicine, you can find a list of publications here.

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