An Interactive Look into Functional Phenotyping on the IsoPlexis Website

Explore Our Unique Single-Cell Biology

We are excited to announce a new feature on our website—our interactive microsite! This new section of our website allows you to walk through:

  • how our unique biology works,
  • the difference between IsoPlexis and traditional methods,
  • how IsoPlexis’ data visualizations help researchers gain insight,
  • IsoPlexis’ ongoing list of publications and presentations, and
  • how IsoPlexis is the new standard for single cell functional biomarkers.

To navigate, either select the desired chapter on the menu to the left or simply continue scrolling. Enjoy learning more about our technology by interacting with the various components in each section. You’ll be able to view some of our breakthrough publications and easily see what novel discovery was made in each, as well as learn more about how our technology helps solve challenges presented by the tumor microenvironment.

t-sneInteract with our cell mapping tools to see how data is analyzed on our platform and how it helps provide researchers with further insight into how their samples are performing to reveal single-cell functional drivers of response and disease progression.

Check out the interactive new feature on our biology page now and request to speak with an expert here to discuss how IsoPlexis’ fully automated platform can help accelerate your immunotherapy program.

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