Accelerating Pre-Clinical Development with Immune Profiling: New Single-Cell Polyfunctional Biomarkers Applied to Mouse Models

Uniquely Capture Cell Potency and Durability

Immunotherapies are proving to be promising treatments. Due to potentially serious immune-related adverse effects and mixed response rates, many researchers rely on mouse models to gain a deeper understanding of their potential therapy products. IsoPlexis’ single cell solutions have been helping researchers, from discovery to the clinic, understand how to capture unique potency and durability metrics that correlate to in vivo activity. We do this by detecting the most potent cell subsets, based on the ability of each cell to secrete multiple cytokines simultaneously. The murine cell Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength solution allows researchers to discover novel mechanisms in pre-clinical development and accelerate insights within their research.

The platform utilizes Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSITM), the new standard for single-cell functional biomarkers, aiding researchers in accelerating their immunotherapy programs from discovery to predicting response. This new solution  runs on the IsoLight system and uses the same sample preparation as the other IsoCode applications with no difference in how the cells are loaded, providing simple integration into your workflow. The panel detects up to 28 cytokines, specific to murine cells, to complement the human specific solution. This allows researchers to unlock true functional T cell biology with an end-to-end process and system toward pre-clinical mouse models and murine cells.


Accelerating in vivo Research with IsoPlexis’ New Murine Solution

Running mouse models alone can take several weeks, but researchers using IsoPlexis’ platform can gain insights much faster.  In one study, researchers utilizing the Single-Cell Polyfunctional Strength Mouse solution found that their novel combination therapy, using adoptively transferred TCR-T cells in spleen and tumor, had increased polyfunctionality and polyfunctional strength compared to conventional IL-2 products. The polyfunctional activation correlated with in vivo response in mouse models. This novel therapy also provided a robust anti-tumor response and after clinical application, results were similar to observations in the mouse models.

In another recent study, researchers working with our Single Cell Polyfunctional Strength Mouse solution found that PSI uniquely correlated with tumor killing activity against both human cells and mouse models in vitro and in vivo. Novel TriPRIL CAR-T cells show functional improvement difference versus April conventional BCMA CAR-T cells, demonstrating the impact of polyfunctional metrics by IsoPlexis’ single-cell functional proteomics IsoCode Chip.

Our murine cell solution for pre-clinical immunotherapy profiling will enable more researchers to accelerate the development of their pre-clinical therapies and have more confidence when entering their cell products into the clinic. To request a quote to utilize the murine cell solution in your next experiment, or to discuss how IsoPlexis can help accelerate the development of your therapies, get in touch with a single-cell functional proteomics expert.

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