A Look Back at 2022: IsoPlexis’ Functional Proteomic Analysis at the Forefront of Single-Cell Biology

New analysis methods fuel the advancement of scientific research, providing novel insights while broadening the scope of future research questions and areas of interest. Over the last decade, single-cell analysis techniques have been named a method of the year multiple times by Nature Methods. Single-cell functional analysis has become a critical tool used to help better inform both therapy development and the mechanisms of complex diseases, and IsoPlexis has consistently been at the forefront of these developments by empowering researchers to uncover new layers of single-cell data and transform them into actionable insights.

In 2022 alone, the IsoPlexis platform has been utilized in groundbreaking studies ranging from preclinical and basic research to clinical research and manufacturing. Below is a sampling of just some of the many publications that have drawn on insights generated by the IsoPlexis platform this year.

These findings, across a variety of diseases, all help to improve current treatments and understanding of disease etiology and progression. Looking into 2023 and beyond, single-cell functional analysis will continue to play a transformative role into the future of the advanced medicine landscape, and IsoPlexis is proud to be a key partner in this new era of biology.

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