Use IsoPlexis' IsoCode chip to elevate your data in a range of immunotherapy applications

Clarify Immune Responses in CAR-T and Cell Therapies

Use the IsoCode to accelerate preclinical development, improve sensitivity of product manufacturing analysis, and discover clinical biomarkers in preparation for product release. 

Use IsoPlexis' IsoCode chip for single-cell profiling of mice in preclinical translational development of CAR-T and TCR-T therapies.

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Apply IsoCode's improved sensitivity to determine optimal CAR-T and TCR-T manufacturing processes and end products.

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Discover predictive clinical biomarkers through in-depth IsoCode profiling of the cell therapy product's polyfunctional response.

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Translate Checkpoint Inhibitor and Vaccine Immunotherapies

Use the IsoCode to clarify T cell mechanisms in the TME in preclinical development, translate checkpoint and vaccine therapies, and improve immune monitoring and correlates of therapy effectivness.

Use IsoCode profiling to elucidate how checkpoint combinations and vaccines affect T cell functionality across various tumor types.

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Characterize patient response to Anti-PD-1 and Anti-CTLA-4 therapies through IsoCode profiling of tumor-infiltrating T cells.

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Establish blood-based T cell biomarkers using IsoCode polyfunctional profiling to predict therapy durability and patient survival.

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Emerging Immune Monitoring Applications

Use IsoPlexis’ Precision Profiling™ platform for vaccine development, treatments for infectious and autoimmune diseases, and profiling tumor inflammation.

Preclinical Mouse to Human Biomarker Studies

Use sensitive IsoCode profiling to discover biomarkers relating mouse and human response to preclinically tested immune therapies.

Infectious Disease Biomarkers for Vaccine Development

Use single-cell profiling to develop biomarkers indicating the potency and effectiveness of in-development infectious disease vaccines.

Profiling Autoimmune Disease Progression & Tumor Inflammation

Discover biomarkers to profile autoimmune diseases at earlier stages and tumor signatures correlated with stage of cancer.

Emerging Cellular Signaling Applications

Use IsoPlexis’ IsoCode platform for preclinical mouse studies, profiling tumor cell metabolomics and analyzing tumor signaling for combination therapies.

Preclinical Mouse to Human Biomarker Studies

Use the IsoCode to discover biomarkers relating mouse and human response to preclinically tested combination therapies.

Profiling Tumor Cell

Monitor energy transfer and consumption in cancer to determine metabolic phenotypes and obtain key tumorigenesis information.

Tumor Signaling for
Combination Therapies

Analyze tumor signaling to predict drug resistance and inform therapeutic intervention during preclinical drug development.