IsoPlexis Launches IsoLight Single-Cell Early Adopter Program

IsoPlexis has installed its ground-breaking IsoLight benchtop system at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, as part of the company’s Early Adopter Program. The sample-to-answer IsoLight benchtop system analyzes IsoPlexis’ IsoCode chip to provide clinical and translational researchers a powerful, yet straightforward solution for establishing immune response functional correlates with outcome in key therapeutic areas like CAR-T and other cellular immunotherapies. The IsoCode Chip was recognized as The Scientist’s and Fierce Life Science’s #1 innovation of 2017 for its ability to provide both single-cell sensitivity and highly multiplexed and quantitative functional ELISA detection together for the first time. The data from the IsoCode Chip demonstrates improved capacity in predicting CAR-T patient responses pre-infusion compared to existing technologies. The integration of precision imaging and fluidics with user-friendly software makes it an easy-to-use instrument yielding highly dimensional, single-cell proteomic data.

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