FOCiS 2018 Day 1: Cancer Vaccine Correlates Revealed through Single-Cell Function

On Day 1 of the FOCiS 2018 Annual Meeting, IsoPlexis presented “Single-cell Highly Multiplexed Proteomics Identifies Novel Polyfunctional Human CD8+ T Cell Signatures Induced by a Nanoparticle-Based Melanoma Vaccine in Human Immune System Mice”. The presented data demonstrates: (1) Nanoparticle-based melanoma vaccine demonstrates capability to induce potent antigen specific human CD8+ T cell response in HIS mice; (2) IsoPlexis’ novel single-cell heatmap and PAT PCA visualizations reveal distinct polyfunctional cell profiles with these combinations human cytokine secretions that drive human CD8+ T cell response by NP vaccine in HIS mice. This IsoPlexis’ platform further dissects the full spectrum of immune cell function and more accurately assesses human CD8+ T cells induced by NP vaccine in HIS mice; (3) The polyfunctional human CD8+ T cell responses sensitively demonstrates successful induction of tumor vaccine, which may enhance accurate evaluation of tumor vaccine efficacy in pre-clinical setting. FOCiS is a leading conference in translational immunology where clinicians and researchers deliver the latest breakthroughs across immune-mediated diseases.

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