In a short time period, labs in Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Centers have quickly moved to therapies and diagnoses based on biologics and the immune system. Our platforms provide workflows and enable unique data insights which make the cells and proteome these labs need accessible for every one of them. Accelerate your lab’s approach to getting data easily and rapidly with our complete solutions.
Labs Have Published 110 Publications With Better Access to the Proteome
Providing Labs Access to Our Functional Cell Library

Every cell that can be interrogated by flow cytometry has hidden behavioral dimensions which can be revealed through IsoCode’s single-cell functional capabilities. See how in our publication-annotated Functional Cell Library.

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Effortless Automation to Accelerate Your Protein Work

Multiplexed bulk proteomics and protein signaling assays typically take experienced technicians and plenty of time to run. See how the effortless automation of IsoPlexis’ suite of tools takes the work out of your protein workflows.

Our Chip Suite Reveals Cell Behavior & Proteome With Ease

IsoCode chips detect each cell's multiplexed extracellular and intracellular proteins, delivering actionable insights into cell behavior


CodePlex chips provide effortless automation with sample throughput to access sensitive bulk proteomic data


IsoSpeak Software makes it easy for labs – no expert technician required to create actionable protein data

Our Chip Families: Cellular & Proteomic Solutions

A new dimension of behavior
beyond surface phenotype
IsoCode: Immune Cell Behavior

The Single-Cell Secretome: Cytokines, Chemokines, Growth Factors

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Connect signaling networks to
functional phenotype
IsoCode: Intracellular Signaling Insights

The Single-Cell Phosphoproteome: Kinases, Translation & Transcription Factors

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Access the bulk proteome,
in throughput, with ease
CodePlex: High Impact Protein Screening

Accessible, Comprehensive, Effortlessly Automated Proteome

In development, early data
provided – access in late ‘23
Duomic: Proteomic Driven Multi-omics

Single-Cell Functional Proteomics and Transcriptomics

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What a new dimension of cell behavior adds to surface phenotype.

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We innovated the only way to measure the true function of each cell and identify the rare subsets of superpowered cells driving response.

As a cancer research center with a key focus on CAR-T and other cell therapies, we feel that IsoPlexis will enable us to better characterize response and potentially predict whether cancer patients will respond to CAR-T therapy before treatment.
Christine Brown, PhD

City of Hope

The future is very powerful here. One can study autoimmunity and cancer biology, one can take out from the blood single cells, one can analyze those cells and get an overall picture from integrating that analysis.
Arnold Levine, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Simons Center for Systems Biology, Institute for Advanced Study

Quality assays are mainly descriptive with some objective parameters like cytokine production, cytotoxicity, and proliferation. Only recently, with PSI… can we start to differentiate products.
Marco L Davila, MD, PhD

Moffitt Cancer Center

We see potential in utilizing IsoPlexis’ single-cell system to help provide deeper resolution into the functional impacts of our therapeutics… This collaboration will enable us to apply the sensitivity of this solution to further our understanding of patient-specific responses to our immune therapies.
Jon Zalevsky, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Nektar Therapeutics

Through this research, we were able to highlight the important role a functionally versatile subpopulation of CAR-T cells may play in the fight against cancer. This could lead to new methods to optimize T-cell products.
Adrian Bot, MD, PhD

Vice President, Translation Sciences, Kite

Current assays that rely on a single-plex ELISA or even multiparametric flow cytometry don’t give you the level of resolution that the IsoPlexis platform can provide.
John Rossi, PhD

Director of Translational Sciences at Kite

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