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Our automated suite of life sciences products are built to power the future, which lies in immune medicines. We are revealing true immune biology, unlocking development, and accelerating biomarker discovery.

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Extracellular Functional Phenotyping: A Breakthrough in Single-Cell Proteomics

Our proprietary extracellular functional phenotyping products fill a critical gap:
  • Single Immune Cell Differences
    Each immune cell is different, yet we define them by the genes or surface markers of each single cell
  • The Functional Gap
    For the first time, directly detect the range of functional cytokines that are secreted from each cell
  • We Uniquely Resolve “Function”
    These cytokines define how each immune cell communicates, whether T cell, NK cell, monocyte, & more
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Functional Phenotype
Gap being filled uniquely by IsoCode
Surface Phenotype
Flow Cytometry
Transcriptomic Definition

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The IsoLight: The Hub for Cellular Proteomics

Multiple Chip Products

The IsoLight

Meet your lab’s daily proteomic needs through automation & software that provides ease of use

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IsoSpeak Software

Automatically translate biomarkers and utilize intuitive visualizations to understand correlations in vivo

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