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The IsoLight

How IsoPlexis’ Leap in Single Cell is Generating
Potent and Fit Immunotherapies


Traditionally, the most potent cells and the cytokines that determine function are missed through bulk averaging or other estimates

Flow Cytometry ICS

[1] Reference: Vogel at al. Nature Reviews Genetics 2012


Isoplexis detects these potent cells by capturing the range of cytokines (32+) from each cell in parallel, and these cells have revealed correlate insights used to improve immunotherapies

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“Current assays that rely on a single-plex ELISA or even multiparametric flow cytometry don’t give you the level of resolution that the IsoPlexis platform can provide.”

Dr. John Rossi, Director of Translational Sciences at Kite

An End-to-End Single Cell Proteomic Workflow with
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Reveal optimal fitness of your product
& donors through polyfunctional T cells

cytokine intensity
cytokine intensity


Reveal Potency, Persistence, & Fitness

See case studies on how IsoPlexis is revealing the most potent cytokine producing T-cells and is becoming a critical tool for accelerating all novel cell therapies into the clinic.

See history of our how single-cell system has been used in development of multiple approved cell therapies, as published in Blood, Cancer Discovery, Nature, JITC, and more.

Single Cell Biology Breakthroughs


Reveal Potency, Persistence, & Fitness

See case studies on how IsoPlexis is accelerating complex pre-clinical checkpoint & related therapeutics into the clinic and revealing persistent & potent T-cells underlying key mechanism & translational biomarkers of response

The IsoSpeak Software

Monitor pre-clinical & translational
immune functional fitness & biomarkers


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“They have showed that by using single-cell analyses, heterogeneity may actually improve clinical outcomes.”

Blood Commentary