Our System

Capturing the omic end function from thousands of single cells in parallel to better understand complex patient response.

The IsoCode Chip

The IsoCode Chip (SCBC) system captures the omic, or full, end function from thousands of single cells in parallel to better understand complex patient response. The system, recognized in the literature as the SCBC, has been well validated in various immune and cancer detection applications. For proteomic applications, it uses rigorous quantitation of ELISA antibody based capture, applied to single cell detection. Control of strict specificity, sensitivity, and variability provides the ability to compare across large groups of patients.

See PNAS for Details

IsoCode Chip + IsoSpeak Informatics

Discovering new patient relationships amongst heterogeneous cells.

Mapping each cell's full function reveals powerful cell subsets. The IsoCode system uses its ability to detect full, omic function per cell to find subsets of cells that help determine objective patient response.

See Cancer Discovery for applying IsoCode Chip (SCBC) single-cell secretomic cytokine profiling to earlier understanding of cell immunotherapy patient responses.

IsoLight Automation Platform

A single-cell, secreted protein analysis system.

Discover the benefits of Precision Profiling™ with IsoLight. The first and only system designed to discover new information in immunotherapy, including CAR-T and TCR-T product characterization, clinical biomarker discovery, and patient monitoring, and biomarkers for checkpoint-inhibitor and combination therapies.

The IsoLight is a versatile, precision engineering platform designed to understand and characterize differences among single cells, mapping thousands of cells per sample, to reveal full functional profiles and polyfunctionality among cell subsets to determine patient response and product quality.

Running the patented consumable IsoCode Chip (SCBC), the IsoLight benchtop system captures single-cell, secretomic, cytokine profiles from thousands of single cells in parallel to better understand complex immunotherapy patient response.

A Versatile Platform

The IsoCode Chip (SCBC) has been well published in its versatility to solve problems in areas where cell differences are missed


 secretomics: TCR T-Cell and CAR T-Cell immuno-therapy personalized medicine

 phosphoproteomics: improving predictive profiling of solid tumor glioblastoma

 metabolomics: monitoring energy transfer and consumption in cancer for new biomarkers

 secretomics: uncovering patient biomarkers in inflammatory cancers (myelofibrosis)


IsoSpeak Software

Performs image processing, computation, and automated advanced informatics for each application.

compare single-cell polyfunctionality of cellular subsets from donor samples

detect secretion intensities of single-cell proteins and other analytes

understand quantitative cellular polyfunctional strength and contribution of types of proteins