Leading institutions are using IsoCode systems to develop breakthroughs in precision medicine.

Yale University

Yale and IsoPlexis worked together to measure checkpoint inhibitor biomarkers by applying T-Cell cytokine secretomics to cancer immunology. IsoPlexis technology found novel single-cell predictive biomarkers for response in TILs (tumor infiltrating lymphocytes) of checkpoint inhibitor (PD-1) patients.

Details from ASCO-SITC

Caltech and UCLA

Caltech and UCLA used IsoCode (SCBC) to apply cancer phospho-signaling to treating glioblastoma. SCBC displayed better signaling pathway detection than genomics, improving patient outcomes in glioblastoma pre-clinical models through improved, single-cell, pathway specific drug targeting.

Details from Cancer Cell

MSKCC and Yale

Memorial Sloan Kettering and Yale used IsoCode (SCBC) to apply cancer secretomics to treating inflammation in myelofibrosis. SCBC showed the ability to detect important inflammatory cell subsets in pre-clinical models and myelofibrosis stages, non-invasively in patients.

Details from Cancer Discovery

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