Checkpoint Mechanism Biomarker Discovery

Isoplexis’ single cell profiling of tumor-infiltrating T-cells has shown the potential to characterize patient response to Anti-PD-1 therapy for biomarker development. The heterogeneity and small sample size of TILs in primary tumor tissues from patients with metastatic melanoma necessitate single-cell highly-multiplexed analysis for precise yet comprehensive evaluation of TILs function kinetics. IsoPlexis' IsoCode platform integrated with IsoSpeak's automated bioinformatics platform is capable of providing a full spectrum delineation of single TILs’ cytokine profile unleashed by anti-PD-1 blocking.

IsoCode Data

Figure 1: Polyfunctional overview of analyzed CD8+ TILs samples, showing samples from responders have 2x more polyfunctional cells than untreated samples, and 5x higher polyfunctional strength. (Zhou 2017)

Figure 2: CD8+ TILs single-cell secretion intensities of each cytokine. The percentage of cells strongly secreting at least one cytokine in responding patients’ samples is five times higher (21.2%) than in nonresponding patients’ samples (3.8%), and twice as high as in untreated patients’ samples (10.5%). (Zhou 2017) 


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