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Discover the first high parameter, single-cell technology capable of defining subsets of powerful multi-functional, protein secreting cells that can determine and help predict response vs non-response or disease progression.

Uncover Solutions in Complex Patient Response

Use IsoPlexis’ Precision Profiling™ platform to capture the end function of thousands of single cells using our proprietary Isocode chip (SCBC), to discover new information in immunotherapy, CAR-T and TCR-T product characterization, predictive clinical biomarkers and checkpoint therapy. 

Precision Profiling™ has shown that highly functional subsets of cytokine response may provide strong predictive biomarkers of clinical response.

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To ensure consistent manufacturing and improved outcomes, T-cell secretomic Precision Profiling™ can determine cellular and donor heterogeneity of CAR-T products.

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The IsoCode chip and IsoPlexis software combine to detect the engineered T-cell therapy mechanism, including sources of patient response and relapse, elucidating therapy efficacy.

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Isoplexis’ single cell profiling of tumor-infiltrating T-cells has shown the potential to fully characterize patient response to Anti-PD-1 therapy for biomarker development.

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Emerging Applications Pipeline

Check back soon for exciting details on additional emerging applications of IsoPlexis’ Precision Profiling™ platform, including vaccine development and treatments for infectious and autoimmune diseases, as well as profiling tumor cell metabolomics and analyzing tumor signaling.

Infectious Disease Vaccine Development

Use single-cell profiling to develop biomarkers indicating the potency and effectiveness of in-development infectious disease vaccines.

Profiling Tumor Cell Metabolomics

Monitor energy transfer and consumption in cancer to determine metabolic phenotypes, providing important information about tumorigenesis.

Tumor Signaling for Combination Therapies

Analyze tumor signaling to predict drug resistance and inform better therapeutic intervention during preclinical drug development.

Profiling Autoimmune Disease Progression

Use single-cell polyfunctional profiling to develop biomarkers indicating the progression of autoimmune disease, for better treatment options.

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IsoPlexis technology can offer breakthrough clinical insights and enable improved targeting of complex treatments to the patients who need them most.

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