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with predictive single-cell response.

CAR T cell functionality correlates with outcomes, offering a biomarker...

The Scientist names IsoPlexis Technology the top innovation of 2017.

IsoPlexis and Kite Pharma research offers hope for targeted CAR-T treatment...

Detect and target the right cells, early, to deeply personalize therapies for all cancer patients

IsoPlexis' single-cell systems are profiling the comprehensive functional makeup of cancer patients’ immune cells

IsoPlexis' PSI is helping partners identify patients that may respond to a variety of immunotherapy interventions

IsoPlexis is using data science and analytics to learn how PSI can improve immunotherapy intervention globally

Single-Cell IsoCode Chip
Captures highly multiplexed, 25+ secreted proteins from thousands of single cells in parallel.
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Population CodePlex Chip
Highly multiplexed, 25+ population data from limited samples.
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IsoLight Benchtop System

First sample-to-answer benchtop system for highly multiplexed, single-cell and population proteomics.
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IsoSpeak Software & Informatics

Easy to use, single-cell and population proteomics workflow and informatics give you the answers you seek.
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Immune profiling applications using IsoPlexis' highly multiplexed, single-cell & population proteomics

IsoCode: single-cell polyfunctional analysis of TCR-T cell, CAR-T cell, checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy, and various vaccine types for cellular, immune-based personalized medicine

IsoCode: single-cell autoimmune, immunogenicity, and cellular cyotkine mediated toxicity analysis for proactive patient data

CodePlex: highly sensitive, population level immune profiling for cytokine activation and patient toxicity profiling

40+ Peer reviewed publications and presentations

Applications for accelerating development in cancer immunotherapy and many other areas. Read More

JAK-STAT Pathway Activation in Malignant and Non-Malignant Cells Contributes to MPN... 

Cancer Discovery 2015

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Kicking Genomic Profiling to the Curb: How Re-wiring the Phosphoproteome Can Explain Treatment...

Cancer Cell 2016

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Single-Cell Multiplexed Cytokine Profiling of CD19 CAR-T Cells Reveals a Diverse Landscape...

Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2017

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